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October 14, 2013

Of late, many people – ranging from fellow bloggers to my close friends to my neighbours to even my mother – complained that I do not blog these days.

Sadly, this is true.

Today, I stared at my blog home page for 15 minutes, trying to assimilate all the reasons for not blogging and came up only with excuses –  

# Writers’ Block – Even though I have usually posted more fiction than anything else, this does not make it a fiction-only blog. A glance at my “tag cloud” confirmed that I can write on topics like My Funda, Bengali, Books, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Travels etc etc.  

# No idea on what to blog about – ‘Really’, I asked myself! ‘Of course not’, I answered. I can write about my first experience with Japanese cuisine, how to earn money for free, my recent discovery of a few good TV series, why I ended my online library membership etc etc.     

# No time – My inner conscience shouted, “Liar, liar” in such a loud voice that I had to cover my ears! I reminded myself that I had blogged more regularly and more creatively at a time when I was at least ten times busier than what I am now. So this has to be the lamest excuse that I can give myself.

So, finally I told myself – STOP PROCRASTINATING and start WRITING.

Those who know me well, know that I am particularly good at doling out unsolicited advice! They also know that I border on obsessive compulsiveness at doing internet research for every single decision that I take or purchase that I make!

You want to buy a new smartphone and are confused between Samsung Galaxy and HTC (or Sony Experia and Nokia)? I did months and months of research before I bought my own phone and you are welcome to listen to me for an hour on this topic!

You are planning to buy a DSLR for the first time and are (again) confused between Nikon and Canon, or a prosumer and an entry-level DSLR? While I am no expert on photography, I am an expert on the opinion various people have on these endless debate topics! I can also direct you to various links of forums, websites and personal blogs of renowned photographers to search for these answers yourself.

You have finally decided to start investing your money? Are you standing at the cross-road of equity versus debt, fixed income versus penny stocks, ULIP versus term insurance, tax-saving FD account versus tax-saving PPF account? No, you cannot ask me the meaning of all the jargons used in the financial world but if you promise not to be judgmental, I can give you a tip or two about personal finance.

These days, my friends avoid asking me, knowing well that I can’t stop once I start showing off my knowledge in a particular area. I need a different outlet and so I decided to turn to my blog. It is my space and I am free to say that I am world’s most intelligent being here. My only request to the already dwindling number of readers is not to unsubscribe themselves from my blog but bravely face the forthcoming onslaught of occasional gyaan!

And wish you all a very happy Dussehra (or Shubho Bijoya, as we Bengalis greet each other). May the Good always prevail over the Bad.


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  1. October 17, 2013 9:56 pm

    I am not surprised to not see any comment here even after three days of publishing.

    anyway Thanks for coming back ( or shall I say making a bi yearly visit?)

    I dont know what to say about not blogging.

    Nice to read.

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