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A Product Review of Ariel Matic #WashBucketChallenge

April 9, 2015

Doing the laundry is my least favourite chore.

I can cook a dish or two to save my life (and suppress the hunger pangs), keep the house reasonably clean and organised (as per my definition) but you ask me to do the laundry even in a washing machine, I will start giving excuses.

“The sky is overcast. No point washing today.”

“Hardly six clothes are in the laundry bag, let’s wait for another week.”

“I have office work/blogging/writing to do.”

You get the drift.

Before marriage, I had never lifted a single thing, like all other pampered daughters of the world. So one of the first conversations I had with MH (aka My Husband) after we decided to tie the knot that whether he believed in sharing the load of household chores. In all earnestness, he concurred.

And thankfully, he has kept his side of the bargain since then.

Washing machine was one of the first things that was bought, along with television and refrigerator. Every Sunday (if not, any other day of the week) MH segregates both our clothes, soaks them in detergent powder and washes them in the machine. In the spirit of sharing, I lay them out in the sun and fold the dried clothes at the end of the day.

But I noticed that sometimes the clothes were not sparkingly clean. A speck here and a faded stain there would remain and I would complain to him that he was not doing it right.

Then I heard from more experienced species(namely mother and mother-in-law) that may be the detergent is to be blamed. The right kind of detergent will reduce the efforts put in laundry and clean the clothes effortlessly.

In the midst of trying to figure out which detergent would work best, I got a sample of Ariel Matic to try out. I dutifully passed it on to MH with the added incentive of getting featured in my blog.


One Sunday he decided to put the sample of Ariel Matic to use. After two cycles of wash, the clothes came out cleaner and whiter. I checked the collars and cuffs of shirts and found them to be spotless. I also checked the status of one of my clothes with a food stain and yes, it was gone! With little effort, Ariel Matic has done its job.

Will I continue to use it? Yes.

Will I recommend it to others? Of course, yes.

Will it make it easier for men to share the laundry load of the house? MH says, yes.

So my male readers/friends go ahead and take the #WashBucketChallenge and make the woman in your lives happier.

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