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Happiness to me is…

March 21, 2015

Watching sunrise on the mountains and sunset in the sea while soaking in all the golden hue.

Food, in all forms, colours and taste, whether in a fine-dining place or a roadside dhaba.

Receiving the bank’s sms alert at the end of every month, notifying me of credit of salary.

Being indoors on rainy days, reading books, watching TV series and nibbling on khakras.

A hot cup of aromatic tea with two Marie biscuits or a kullad of thick, milk tea with bakery cookies from the tea stall.

Meeting an old friend after years and taking off from right where we left, making the same, old jokes and pulling each other’s legs.

Shopping spree, both online and offline.

Receiving parcels of online retailers – the big brown box with bubble wraps.

Walking the length and breadth of the Mall during Sale season and swiping my credit card.

Being under the blanket in a heated room on foggy winter mornings for the whole day in the same sweatshirt.

Gifting my near and dear ones, especially my parents, who are always reluctant to receive anything from their ‘kid daughter’.

The cool, South evening breeze after a hot and humid day in Kolkata.

Making the journey, rather than reaching the destination.

Receiving appreciation at my workplace.

Looking up recipe, sourcing ingredients, cutting and preparing and then cooking a dish from scratch after it turns out to be tasty.

New books by my bedside and a pile of unread books in the bookshelf, giving me the comfort that I will not run out of things to read.

Aisle seat in the emergency row on a long flight.

Taking a walk down Southern Avenue in Kolkata while trying all available street food – right from Doi Phuchka to Aloor Dum.

A long conversation with my mother consisting of nothing in particular.

Being asked my opinion on things that matter by my father, making me feel truly grown up.

A nice comment on my blog post, especially from someone unknown.

Receiving praises for my writing, from all and sundry.

Receiving little surprises from my husband.

Being with myself and not feeling lonely.

The pungency of mustard sauce or the aroma of paanch foron in fish gravy.

Chocolate – in cakes, ice creams, brownies, mousses, bars and wherever possible.

A jar of Nutella and a big spoon.

Marathon TV series watching especially if it is Game of Thrones.

Googling my name and seeing the results.

Dancing to my own tune or at a nightclub to Bollywood beats.

Getting drenched in the first rain of the season, after an extreme hot weather.

Drinking soda shikanji from a Delhi thelawala.

Going on a food sampling tour of Chandni Chowk.

And enjoying the little joys that life offers.

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  1. Swayambhu Mukherjee permalink
    March 22, 2015 6:42 pm

    mustard sauce 😀

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