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A dream home with Porcelanosa

November 18, 2014

Setting up a home from scratch is no mean task.

After we got over the initial overwhelming feeling of a vast empty 3BHK apartment, we started to fill it up slowly, weekend by weekend.

We scoured the e-tail and retail stores and compared prices; visited to physically check out the items and then loosened the purse string. Slowly the electronics were added followed by basic furniture. Soon, it resembled a home and we began to unwind in the living room watching our favourite series or entertaining guests over dinner and drinks.

Today I found the most interesting topic to blog about in Indi-happy Hours:

Pick as many items as you can from Porcelanosa to build your dream home. Tell us why you chose them and why.

I love to browse through home stuff as much as apparel and books over the internet. Here is what I would do anything  to pick up from the lovely website of Porcelanosa –


One of the best things about my apartment is the huge master bathroom. I am a hard-core bathtub lover; which woman isn’t? Once I broached the topic with my husband who shot the proposal down for the time being because ours is a rental and he did not want to lug around a bathtub during shifting. But it is my dream home and I definitely want this beauty.



His and Her wash basin! Stuff that luxurious, opulent living quarters are made of. No more morning skirmishes over who shall be the first to use the basin. No more waiting for MH (aka My Husband) to finish shaving so that I can occupy it. No more telling him to use the other bathroom while he knocks the door down.

We both can peacefully brush our teeth, simultaneously!


With a shower like that, who would come out of the bathroom?

I am a sucker for the five-star hotel bathrooms. Whenever I get a chance to stay in one, I take an extra hour to complete stuff which I usually finish within 15 minutes at my home. With such a beauty showering water over me uniformly like a well-played music, my home bathroom will be easily converted into a five-star hotel one! I am ready to wake up an hour earlier just to experience this every day.


With the beautiful bathtub, wash basin and rain shower in the bathroom, I cannot possibly have the boring usual tap! No human being on earth can deny the awesome design of this tap! It is such a blend of aesthetics and technology that, I am sure, receive admiration from MH too!

In case you are wondering about the background of these beautiful products, Porcelanosa Grupo is a world-famous luxurious bathroom and kitchen decor brand, with its presence in about 100 countries. It has arrive in India holding hands with Kolte-Patil Developers Limited for their luxury brand 24K Living.




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