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Fantastic Friday Fiction – VI

November 14, 2014

It is Friday and I am posting a fiction, that too a 500-word one. I am not sure about the Fantastic part though.

Sapna spotted him the moment he sat down with his plate on the next table in the office cafeteria.

She involuntarily drew a sharp breathe. This guy sported a moustache! Not just a thin line or a medium-thick bush, but a handlebar moustache, just like Amir Khan in Mangal Pandey! It gave his youngish face some definition and a very different flavour of hotness.

From his t-shirt sporting a specific logo, she figured out that he was from one of the company’s many branches all over the country. A few more furtive glances later, Sapna realised that he was much more than his facial hair. He had a tall and lean body, carved with perfection. His arms looked strong, his stomach was flat absolutely flat and he had a head full of lovely jet-black hair.

She had been surrounded by paunchy and baldy men for so long that she had almost forgotten how a chiseled and perfect male figure looked like, until this moment.

Sapna could no more concentrate on her food and the mid-day news airing on the cafeteria TV. Memories of her youth jostled for her attention. Her crush on the cute and nerdy topper of her class, her dalliance with the long-haired rock musician of her college band, her one-year serious relationship with her co-intern whose over-smartness always made her uneasy in public, her secret lust for her husband’s best friend when both of them came to “meet” her – all which had been lying forgotten in the innermost chamber of her mind surfaced with the appearance of this guy. She had almost forgotten what a heady feeling it was to appreciate someone with the sense of sight.

By now her lunch was over. She was sitting all alone, like every day. Her contemporaries usually come down for lunch much later and her team members avoid her table in order to enjoy their one-hour break from their boss.

The guy had also left. Sapna knew she may not see him again in future. He was a momentary distraction from the humdrum of her life.

She went to the women’s loo to touch up her lipstick. The mirror reminded that her greys have become more visible and needed an urgent salon appointment. She walked up to her plush cabin in the corner of 7th floor and prepared to bury her head in the laptop.

Her reverie was broken with a knock. Sapna looked up, startled and slightly annoyed at the intrusion.

 “Ma’am, I am Siddharth from the Bangalore unit. I have been deployed to the headquarters for a month to work with your team for the upcoming event.”

He continued, “I am sorry to have reported post lunch-time. My flight was delayed due to bad weather. If you tell me where to begin, I am ready to start.”

Sapna watched the eager face before her, complete with his handlebar moustache. Carefully masking her happiness, she welcomed him and called in her secretary to make arrangements so that his stay for the next month would be comfortable.

I was having my lunch in my office cafe at a table full of women of all age. A guy with a handlebar moustache entered and everyone started talking about him. I felt they were a little too critical of the poor guy. Then I thought, what if it was a farce? What if they were all secretly fantasizing about him? And so I wrote this story.

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