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The Pen Warriors – Post 12

September 22, 2014

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Too Late for Atonement – Chapter 11

We have qualified in the first round of Game of Blogs and this post of mine contains all the links to the story so far. Once you are done, click on this link to read Chapter 10 of this story. 

What happens when one’s deepest desire comes true? How does it feel to finally laugh out aloud? How should one celebrate the fulfillment of his life’s biggest wish?

Drown himself in drinks? Dance on the streets? Sing karaoke?

Or just write to let it all out of the head?

Since the moment my father was asked to leave Lex Juris in disgrace, I have wanted to work there one day. Since the day we fled Mumbai in the darkness of night, I have wanted to return to this city in broad day light, unafraid of loud whispers and pointed fingers. Since the day I came to know the reason of my father’s misfortune, I have wanted to avenge him.

On both the Sundays that I have spent in this city, I spent half a day at our old colony in Dadar. I sat in a decrepit Irani cafe, opposite our old home, sipping chai and drinking in the atmosphere of my childhood. Thousands of memories kept me company while I silently sat amidst my chaotic surroundings.

My internship at India’s best law firm has been very good till date. I have been put on a due diligence right from my first day and have experienced the trial and tribulation of working on a real transaction.  One of the managing partners even told me that he was satisfied with my research on a law point which had stumped him earlier. I am also getting to work with the litigation team on a number of high-profile criminal cases. A pre-placement offer from this firm looks a real possibility now. I hope to achieve what my father could not do.

But today I am not celebrating because of my professional successes.

Today, I am the happiest because of the joy the news channels brought to me, relaying the same news over and over again; each one showing the same inset photo of the person supposedly dead from an accident on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Since then, I have been replaying those conversations in my head which I have never forgotten.

“I know it is him. I am sure of it, my boy. He did this to me to make sure that even if I speak out against him, no one will believe me.”

“I had the documentary evidence to prove all his misdeeds, but now I have nothing. How do I convince my firm that I was not at fault?”

“He saved his reputation by tarnishing mine. He will never rest in peace.”

“Remember son, what goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Never be dishonest, steal, lie or kill. Never.”

I feel light with happiness. My head buzzes with drunkenness of ecstasy. My steps falter towards my paying guest room as they develop a spring in them. I stretch out my arms and take a deep breath.

I am finally free of my nightmares.

Cyrus hit the “Publish” button of his blog and opened another tab. The night was still young for him.

He typed “Gambhir Gupte” in the Chrome browser and stared at the results it threw up. All of them led to articles written by the man in various newspapers but nothing was there about the man himself!

He finished reading the last of them. The manner in which this Gambhir Gupte researched on white collar crimes and laid out his inferences in his articles fascinated Cyrus. Word was out that no one, not even the publishers of the articles knew his identity since the articles arrived at their inbox from untraceable IP address or public fax machines. A mystery crime journalist, thought Cyrus with a chuckle. He had always wanted to build a career in criminal law; this man piqued his interest.

‘I wish I could track him down. It would immensely benefit my career and above all, my plan,’ thought Cyrus, before shutting down his laptop.

Read Chapter 12 of the story by clicking on the link.

Me and my team, The Pen Warriors, are participating in the ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.

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