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Mind-blowing Monday – X

June 23, 2014

I am back with another in my Mind-blowing Monday series.

I love blog-hopping in my free (and not so free) time. Discovering and reading new blogs, especially the ones I love, gives me immense joy. My bookmarks tab in both IE and Chrome are bursting to the seams with blog URLs on a variety of topics, some of which I have shared on my ‘I Follow’ page.

When I come across something good, I always have an irrepressible urge to share it. Recently, while meandering my way through the blogoverse, I came across the blog which won Indiblogger award for the Best Blog for News and Media in 2013. I read a few posts and was hooked! Then I discovered that the author writes guest columns in Gurgaon Times, which I have read before and enjoyed. It was such a pleasant surprise!

I promptly searched her on the holy grail called Facebook and sent her a ‘friendship’ request. Lest she wonder who this girl is, I introduced myself over FB message and waited nervously for a response.

She responded within minutes! Despite all my gushing about her writing and looks (yes, she is a pretty lady), she was oh! so warm and nice towards me. We bonded over blogging contests, living in Gurgaon and joining women-only bloggers group.

Meet Alka Gurha, a witty woman with the rare ability to make fellow women (and lots of men) laugh out loud with her take on everything that goes on around us. Read this post on a day when your boss has staged a shout-fest or your maid has staged a walk-out on you. Then read some more from the blog and thank me for giving you an endless source of laughter.

Be happy and keep laughing 🙂

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  1. June 23, 2014 2:38 pm

    he he he he .. I already know Alka mam 🙂 but hey Thank you still since you said need to thank you 🙂 he he heh e

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