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Office 1 versus Office 2

September 3, 2013

I strongly believe everyone must change jobs at least once as it greatly helps one to compare his situation. I know it sounds like everyone must date at least once to compare partners in life or everyone must travel to compare the exotic places to the bleak town one lives in; but believe me, changing jobs can change one’s perspectives drastically.

It can make you appreciate coffee more than tea just because the tea in your new office is a little better than sweet, hot water.  It can also make you work more hours because the AC is better or because you get free dinner post 8 pm!

After working in Office 1 for 3 years, I changed to Office 2 in March 2012. The following is my comparison of how a few things changed for me  –


Office 1 scores a 150/100 when it comes to surfing net through the office internet. I could browse all sites freely over the office LAN. All my blogging glory days belong to Office 1. I used to participate in Blog-a-ton and regularly post on my blog. I had also taken part in the marathon and extremely time-consuming and competitive Bloggers’ Premier League, where my team won and I was adjudged the “over all best player”. However it does not mean that I never worked; it only meant that I had to spend more hours in office to make up for the lost time in surfing.

Office 2 is super strict with its IT policy. Forget social networking sites and blogging platforms, even the most mundane sites are blocked. It has resulted in my prolonged absence from Facebook and this blog (I know I am blaming office internet for not blogging, but I really believe it has contributed at least 10% towards my absence from blogging). I have my smartphone to thank for being able to read my mails. Result – in Office 2, I work more in less time and go home early!


Office 1 used to let me in at all hours and without asking questions. All I had to do to record my presence is stick my forefinger at a machine which was programmed to recognise my prints!

Office 2 does not let my car in without checking the booty for hidden bombs and me without a cursory jab at my bag with a metal detector. Without my employee access card, all doors in Office 2 are closed. And if you forget to swipe it while getting in, since you will not be able to open the door from inside!


Office 1 made me shift my work station thrice in three years! Last two times, I was given a cabin! I was so glad to be able to shut the door and enter my own world! Oh the joys of a phone with caller identification – I could avoid my boss’s calls! Over all, having a cabin was the best perk of Office 1.

My first workstation in Office 2 was a cramped cubicle, but away from the focus. Being the recluse that I am, I loved it despite lack of space. However my second and present work station is a big cubicle space located centrally in my department! I like the extra space but not the lack of privacy. I like the fact that there are two visitors’ chairs but not the fact that everyone around can see what I am doing.


If I miss Office 1 ever, I miss it mainly for the eating joints in the neighbourhood – Calcutta street food at its very best and splendour! You want milk tea from the roadside stalls? Check. You want chicken biriyani for Rs. 35/-? Check. You want a complete meal consisting of roti, chicken curry, dal and bhaja for under Rs. 15/-? Check. You want a variety of sweets as dessert? Check. You want some fruits to end your meal? Check. You want juice, nariyal paani, phuchka, churmur, masala muri, papri chaat, roll, sandwich, momo… phew… anything at all and you have it in the neighbourhood of Office 1. After all, it is the High Court para!

Office 2 is in a more sophisticated corporate locality. You have five restaurants and two dhabas nearby. You want to step out for an evening snack? Be prepared to spend more and still not be satisfied. The taste, feel and look of the street food of High Court para of Calcutta is unmatched, truly.


If the food environment outside office has worsened, the food environment inside office has improved manifold.

Office 1 had good lemon tea and tomato soup, while Office 2 has good elaichi tea, black tea, frothy, creamy coffee and hot chocolate, served every two hours!

Office 1 used to charge for lunch, while Office 2 gives free lunch!! Office 2 also has free snacks which include patties, samosas, muri, pakoras, chicken roll, dhokla etc.

Office 1 had fancy cups and saucers, while Office 2 has disposable paper cups! But who cares?


Office 1 gave me ample scope for physical exercises in the form of running to the Court from office, dashing up a hundred stairs of the Court, go to the second floor from the first floor in office 20 times a day to meet boss and carry around fat files, which completely shapes and tones your biceps and triceps.

Office 2 has a gym, which I attended 5 times in the last 1.5 years.

Need I say more on why I am struggling with weight issues for the first time in my life? 😦


No comparison of workplaces can be complete without comparing work quality, environment, experience etc. etc. However, this post is not about whether I am happy with my new role or colleagues or bosses or HR policies or salary – it is only about the more important aspects of work life. 🙂

How has a change of job made a difference in your life? The comment box is all yours.

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  1. September 10, 2013 2:55 pm

    Entertaining read! And perfect things on comparison. Well as you said who cares about the salary and bosses when there are other v.v important things to bother about ?? Free snacks :-O ? I would join an office on this sole criteria 😉

    • debosmita permalink*
      September 13, 2013 12:20 pm

      Thanks and welcome to my blog Bhargavi 🙂

      Free snacks is the best bait for me, too 😉

  2. September 18, 2013 6:23 pm

    I guess it has become from bad to worse. The office where we worked for the first time will always remain awesome. Just itches is to go back.

    My first office is waayyy too outside of the city. The office look like a beach resort, has a river like lake inside with a lot of lawns. I went there by clinging on to a bus, walked more than 2 kms in a remote road, on a buring chennai climate, enter the cubicle sweating, with no proper dress (mostly the ones I got in college), a shitty nokia 3315 phone, nervously roaming around for few months, boring food, no camera mobiles allowed, no casuals allowed, no headphones allowed, no internet browsing, no trying to hit girls allowed and a lot of nos.

    Now I go to my second office which is located near the foothills of friggin ooty, from my home sweet home, on a car, a chilling climate, no traffic, with a van hausen shirt, a sony xperia z in my pocket, gold chains, gold bracelets etc,.,

    Yet, I still want to go to my old office again. Love at first site may be.

  3. September 18, 2013 6:23 pm

    What about the actual work? You haven’t mentioned a word about it. 😀

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