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Have you visited Tangerine yet?

September 29, 2012

Tangerine has been in the city of Kolkata since 2001 but surprisingly, I have not heard too many people talk about it. Whenever I mention it, the first question that people ask me is “Is it a South Indian restaurant”?  I tell them not to confuse it with Tamarind and head towards Outram Street, look for the building housing Anamika Khanna’s boutique beside the Outram Club and experience the multi-cuisine fare for themselves.

Tangerine has many other outlets in the city – a banquet in Silver Spring on E M Bypass, catering services in Punjab Club and RCGC and a recently opened guest house in New Alipore, but the one in the Theatre Road area is their flagship restaurant. With a fat menu card containing a variety of mouth-watering choices and a seating capacity of 96, Tangerine is one gem of a restaurant.

We walked up a flight of stairs to reach the restaurant and met Mr Tonmoy Josh, the operations manager. The first thing which I noticed was the classy, minimalistic decor of the restaurant. However, the lighting was too dim for a family restaurant. The large screen TV was airing the India-Australia T20 match, where India was being mercilessly humiliated.

When I left our choice of food to Mr. Tonmoy Josh, he responded with a rudeness, which was unbecoming for someone in the hospitality services. I wondered whether it was because we were on a sponsored dinner, but I expected people to be more courteous because of that very same reason. However, as the evening progressed, he warmed up to us and even forced us to stay back for desert, which was undoubtedly the best part of the dinner.

We ordered Chilli Mustard Fish and Tomchi Chicken for starters. The Fish was perfectly swathed in the mustard sauce with just the right dose of chilli and won my heart straight away. In comparison, the sweet and sour tasting Chicken got a little less attention from me.

Fish on the left, Chicken on the right 🙂

Our drinks consisted of White Mischief and Antiquity Blue, which added the perfect zing to our meal.

Main course consisted of Pot Roasted Lamb Chops and Poulet Apulia. While the Lamb Chops easily ranked among the best that I have had (and I have eaten the same in some well-known resturants in Calcutta and also a 5-star hotel in Delhi), Poulet Apulia turned out to be Chicken breast with yummy fillings. However, I wished the sauce for the same was not so overwhelming. May be, it’s a matter of personal taste.

Pot Roasted Lamb Chops

Poulet Apulia

At the end of the dinner, we were so full that we refused desert. But one look at the Apple Tart prompted us to scrape off every bits from the plate. The thin crust apple tart, topped with one scoop of vanilla icecream and dollops of honey was the perfect end to a perfect dinner. Unfortunately I was so enticed by it that I forgot to photograph it.

My ratings:

Food – 8/10

Decor and ambience – 7/10

Staff and service – 6/10 (I can’t shake off the initial rudeness but must say the other staff was courteous, prompt and helpful)

Must try – Fish Chilli Mustard, Pot Roasted Lamb Chops, Apple Tart, Grilled Prawns & Chicken Lasage (from previous experience)

Cost of a meal for two – Rs. 1000/- (without alcohol)

Will I go back again? Of course, even before agreeing to review Tangerine for Gingerclaps, this was a favourite. This time, I will try the Chinese dishes.

Will I recommend other? Definitely, I always do.

Area for improvement? Well, a little brighter lights won’t kill the mood 🙂 And Mr Josh – I hope it was a one-off incident.

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