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Ten day You Challenge – Post 2: Nine Loves

June 27, 2011


This is the second offering in this Ten day You Challenge – Nine loves of my life. 

1. Parents – I am because of them and they shall always remain the first love of my life. They have been very strict during my growing up years, but became my friends once I turned adult. Now I am an equal and my opinion and decision count as much. Being an only child always has its advantages and despite all the adolescent and adult difference of opinion between us, I love them 🙂

2. Friends – Friends should be few and well-chosen – something I realised much later. There was a time when I used to say ‘everybody in my class is my friend’. But as time passed, my friends became lesser in number but more in value. I have suffered when some of my so-called friends broke my trust, bitched about me or simply failed to stand up to me in times of need. But for every ten such ‘friends’, I gained one true friend. Sometimes I don’t talk to them for days together; but when we connect again, the intervening period of time just vanishes. I treasure and love each of those friends in my life.   

3. Books – I can live without anything, but not books. Its not that I always read a page or two everyday. But a book in the bedside table is a great reassurance for me. My dream is to have a library in my own home – with wall-to-floor shelves for books. My books are my most precious possession.

4. My city – The city of joy is a source of much happiness, warmth and pride for me. I can fight tooth and nail with anybody who dares to bad mouth Kolkata. I don’t care if the city is not as urban or as hep as other metros, but no other city compares with my Kolkata. Period.

5. Swimming – If I ever fell in love with any sport or exercise, it is swimming. Whenever I see the inviting blue water of a pool, I feel like jumping in. The early morning swimming every day provides me the much-needed oxygen to sustain the day. 

6. Food – I live to eat. I am a strict non-vegetarian but also relish all the veggies. Continental, Chinese, North Indian, South India, Bengali, Fusion – I am game for any cuisine. The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach; and that my mom has already won 🙂

7. My writing and my blog – Writing is my passion and this blog is where I express it. Blogging/writing has given me a lot of things – an outlet for my creativity, readers and critics, new friends and a sense of purpose.

8. My gadgets – I don’t own many of them, but whatever I have I take good care of them. My cameras, HD, phone, laptop etc are my lifeline.

9. Dance – I sometimes feel I was born to dance, but don’t know why I never trained properly. I love the sense of freedom and the feeling of exhilaration that dance offers and I dance like I don’t have a care in life. I regret not continuing my training in Bharatnatyam, but have participated in folk and western dance programmes in school and college. I wish to learn dance properly at some stage of my life. 🙂


So, there go my nine loves! The challenge is turning out to be quite difficult! Tomorrow I have to write about eight of my fears! :-O Till then, have a good day 🙂

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  1. Himadri permalink
    June 28, 2011 6:09 pm

    Nicely written !…next Eight Fears…what next to next?? Seven Crushes or something like that !!

    Thank you 🙂 Just check the picture – it has everything

  2. June 28, 2011 7:08 pm

    Niiiice. 😉
    Except dancing, I can relate to everything here. 🙂

    • June 29, 2011 5:22 pm

      Well, for me both swimming and dancing are an exception 🙂

  3. Makk permalink
    June 30, 2011 9:16 pm

    Way to heart.. and aunty has already capture all meagre lane or pagdandi to it. I am sure.. so lets see another chor darwaza… lolzzz

    anyway its nice to know more.

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